About us

Merlin Polyurethanes was established in 1995 by Steve Hurst and Phil Maxwell. After 10 years in the industry working for clients such as British Vita and ICI Polyurethanes, Steve teamed up with Phil when they worked together at TATRA plastics, both men had a good working relationship and eventually decided that the time was right to pool their expertise and set up on their own.

Over the last 25 years Merlin have expanded and now have a fantastic reputation for delivering quality products to their clients on time and within budget.  Merlin’s products are used in a wide variety of products some of which you may own yourself without realising. The Automotive industry is a key area in which they work producing various components for the likes of Ford, Toyota, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover and the Mini.

How we work

Here at Merlin polyurethanes we understand the pressures that our clients have with time restraints and important deadlines that must be met, with this in mind we are able to offer our clients a quick turn around with samples available from concept to prototype within 7 days

Samples & Prototypes

concept to prototype within 7 days.

  • Step 1
    We will need drawings, Master Pattern or CAD?
  • Step 2
    We can 3d print models or use supplied models
  • Step 3
    We make the resin tools and cast
  • Step 4
    We Mould the Samples (if required various samples can be made in different density polyurethane)
  • Step 5
    Samples are delivered to the Client


Anywhere from 100 parts to 2 million+

  • Step 1
    Advise on design – CAD
  • Step 2
    Make or have tools made using Cast resin, GRP, cast metal, or CNC aluminium.
  • Step 3
    Make samples for approval
  • Step 4
    Ramp up to large production volumes
  • Step 5
    Trim, inspect, pack & deliver

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