Bespoke designs that make an impact and incorporate the latest innovations and technology.

  • NVH Foam
    One of our leading products is sound absorbing acoustic foam known as ‘NVH’. This product takes many forms and is found in all modern vehicles to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness.
  • Seat Foams
    Polyurethane foams are found in all cars and are available in many formats such as standard, dual hardness and over moulded.
  • Elastomer
    This is a very hard-wearing material commonly used for bushes, trolley wheels and many other applications.
  • Protective Foam
    Protective foam has unique qualities in physical energy absorption suitable for impact protection applications in many types of vehicle to reduce occupant injury.
  • Heat Insulation Foam
    The specific closed cell nature of insulation foam makes an excellent thermal barrier.
  • Rigid PU
    Various rigid PU mouldings are available with unique qualities over similar plastic parts.

3D Printing

Innovative solutions that you can work time and again

Innovative technology allows prototype parts, or models to be built up using both FDM (fused deposition modelling) where a filament is applied in molten layers or SLA (stereo-lithography apparatus) where a laser polymerises layer by layer building a part.

CNC Milling

Bringing your ideas to life.

From making spares for our own equipment, to prototype moulds straight from a block of aluminium.

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